Lame Duck Delivery Service

Ludum Dare 53 — April 28th - May 1st, 2023 — Theme: Delivery

Download here

Welcome to “Lame Duck Delivery Service”! You’re a lonely space delivery person who forgot their stereo at the last space dock. Sadly, there’s no way it’s still there after you insulted the dockmaster on their bizarre choice of magenta top with red coveralls. It just hurt too much to look at, and now your’e out here in the silence.

LDDS is a mashup between a tycoon game and a top-down space trading/sim game. Upgrade your ship, get more money, avoid asteroids! Maybe one day you’ll be able to afford a replacement stereo.

How to play

Move from station-to-station to trade cargo. Farther the station is, the greater the reward, similar to TTD games.

Tools used


Author Jam Notes:

Using Unity again after many years and I’m remembering why I hated using it lmao. But it was good to finally get back into gamedev/jamming again and have something to submit. I wouldn’t call it done, there’s plenty of bugs, it’s bare-bones with content, missing music, and really just a lack of variety overall. I’ve also never, somehow, been good at nailing the gameplay loops and building small enough to properly finish in the jam-window. But I decided to participate as a promise to myself and to get myself back into something I love! I hope I’m actually bringing myself back, because I had so much fun and have really missed this!