Brutal No-chill Farming

Ludum Dare 41 — April 20th-23rd, 2018 — Theme: You are the Monster

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Brutal No-Chill Farming: The DarkSouls of farming. A smash-up between farming sim and tower defense, this game is not easy.

You have two enemies to worry about: Ants, and Gremlins. Easy way to remember how this works: Ants eat plants, Gremlins eat you. Build and defend your meager plants from pesky ants and try to avoid the gremlins while your gun towers shoot them!


-Up = W -Down = S -Left = A -Right = D -Dig = Space -Plant = F -Build Turret = Q -show turret range = Tab -Open Seed Select Menu = E (Navigate with left/right arrows) -Open between-wave store = T (Navigate with left/right arrows, ‘Enter’ to purchase) -Escape = Pause -Z = Reset

Tools used

-Visual Studio -Monogame -Aseprite -Audacity -Sprite Sheet Packer with customizations -BFXR

Music by