Unit39 Versus the Robophobes

Ludum Dare 39 — July 28th-31st, 2017 — Theme: Running out of Power

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It’s 2517. In the city of Megatropolis the streets are rough. Cyborgs, people who have cybernetic implants throughout their bodies, disappear from the city at night, never to be seen again. People who are staunchly against cybernetics are called “Robophobes”.

You have been captured and your power banks are draining fast. Fight for as long as you can to survive!

How To Play

Your Energy is your countdown timer, your ammunition, and your health bar.

Projectiles cost 1.5 energy per shot.

Melee costs no energy but is very short range. Beware!

Pick up batteries to restore energy.

Good luck out there, Unit39!