Shape Shipper

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You’ve been given the task of shipping the shapes to our beloved magical customers. But, you need to transmute them before shipping. Your job is to build an assembly line to transmute the shapes before we whisk them off to the packers.


1 - 5 keys => Select an object to place on a tile. 1-Conveyor 2-Cylinder Transmuter 3-Prism Transmuter 4-Sphere Transmuter 5-Pyramid Transmuter R key => Rotate object. You can rotate an object before placing it, or an object already placed. T key => New level Esc key => Exit

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I had a lot of distractions and things come up during this Ludum Dare, so this game is far less complete than I had originally planned. I hope you enjoy what you find!

-Art: ZXeno -Programming: ZXeno -Sfx: BFXR